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“ We think it’s important to join in efforts to be more environmentally conscious and International Buildings is setting a great example for other companies and people everywhere to go green!“ 
J.C., Lexington, KY
“I know some people like the convenience of picking from the variety of existing building models you offer but I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate that International Buildings.
L.N., Raleigh, NC
“ Other companies I looked at only offered non pre-drilled screws that would have been a big hassle to work with. I had a limited budget so it was also great International Buildings provided certified blueprints so I didn’t have to hire an engineer.“
L.B., San Antonio, TX

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According to the Environmental Protection Agency, In the United States alone, buildings account for: 39% of total energy use; 12% of the total water consumption; 68% of total electricity consumption; and 38% of carbon dioxide emissions. The built environment has a vast impact on the natural environment, human health, and the economy. Our green steel and metal building strategies can maximize environmental, economic and social performance and improve overall quality of life creating benefits include:

Better air and water quality
Natural resource conservation
Reduced operating costs
Enhanced occupant productivity, comfort and health
Heightened aesthetic qualities
Less strain on local infrastructures.
No warping, or fire hazard, and termite proof unlike wood
26 Gauge Wall and Roof sheeting – high tensile
Building quality designed in accordance with MBMA
Color Coated Tips to Prevent against Rust and Corrosion
100% Useable Interior Space
50 Year Manufacturer Warranty